Remix and rediscover your photos. Turn photos into comic book art, abstract paintings, pixel art, and more.

Style RGBA Shift Smear Sensitivity Color Range Max Dot Size Palette Colors Background
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This web tool is completely free, open source, without any paywalls or premium options. You are welcome to use it for personal or commercial purposes.

If you found this tool useful, feel free to buy me a coffee. This would be much appreciated during late-night coding sessions!

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A few tips for using this tool:

This project is coded using Javascript, HTML, and CSS (see github repo linked below). I do not have access to any of the images that you upload here, as all processing is done "client-side" (i.e., no images are saved or stored by me — they stay on your computer only).

I'm working on some new visual styles which I hope to add soon. Let me know if you have ideas 💡

Feel free to reach out to discuss, ask questions, or to share your creations! You can find my instagram and email accounts through the buttons below.